The “Help Desk” Forum

An image of Chaucer's Clerk from the Ellesmere MS

Of the Clerk, Chaucer writes in the General Prologue, “And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche” (l. 308). Like the Clerk, who is both student and teacher, in this class you will contribute your questions and your knowledge.

To answer questions that come up outside of class and office hours, I have created a “FAQs” category on our class blog.

Before e-mailing me with any general questions about an assignment, i.e., any questions that are not specifically related to your particular topic, please check to see if your question has been answered by browsing posts included in the FAQs category, and if it has not, post it there, making sure to check the box next to “FAQs” in the Categories box in the post editor.

Check the box next to "FAQs" in the Categories box in the post editor

Make sure you file your “Help Desk” posts under the “FAQs” category.

I will monitor the Help Desk and encourage all of you to do likewise. You can answer questions by commenting on the original post. Students who contribute helpful questions and useful answers to their peers’ questions can use that participation as evidence in the in-class self-assessment essays to support his/her argument for class participation points.

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