Self-Assessment of Class Participation

Directions for Submission

Your self-assessment of class participation should be a brief, reflective essay of approximately 500 words. The length is a rough guideline; the important thing is to provide a complete, honest, and well-supported evaluation of what you contributed as a member of our class this semester. This sort of self-evaluation is a common feature of many performance reviews in the non-academic workplace, and it is also good preparation for graduate and professional school admissions essays, many of which ask you to describe how you would contribute to the learning environment if admitted.

Use the prompt below to guide your analysis. Submit your self-assessment of class participation as a private (just between you and me) comment to this post using the “Whisper” function. Pro tip: you should compose your self-assessment in your wordprocessor of choice, then copy and paste it into the comment box. That way you have a saved back up if anything goes wrong during the submission process.

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Guidelines for Reflection

Think of this self-assessment as a review of your overall performance as a member of this class. How do you think you have done overall with regard to your class participation up to this point? What substantive contributions have you made to discussions in the classroom or on the blog? What contributions have you made to collective resources such as the class notes folder on Dropbox? What have you done well? In what areas do you think you have not met expectations set out in the syllabus for active participation in the class? If at some point you realized you needed to improve the quality of your contributions, did you take action, and if so how?

Your essay should demonstrate a clear awareness of the various ways to earn class participation credit outlined in the syllabus. It should identify the extent and quality of your various contributions in and out of class, offering specific examples in support of its claims, and it should have a clear thesis. Perhaps most importantly, your essay should offer an honest reflection on your performance. If you’ve had problems with attendance and lateness, I am obviously aware of those issues and expect you to acknowledge them in your essay. Take credit for your accomplishments, but also take responsibility for instances where your performance may have fallen short of your goals and my expectations. I will evaluate your essay both for evidence that you understand how to reflect on your own performance as well as for evidence of what you have contributed as a member of the class.

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