Recap Blogging

Communicating Through Narrative

In keeping with the objectives of the class to develop your analytical and communication skills, this project invites you to participate in creating the archival record of our class. In addition to being a resource for those of us participating in this course, this semester, our class site is a record of what we have accomplished that might also serve as a resource for a public audience beyond our classroom. Just as Chaucer attempted, in The Canterbury Tales, to represent the diversity of late-medieval English society, so the record of our class will include the voices of many narrators, telling the story from multiple perspectives.

Recap Blogging Project Description

Each of you will blog once about one week of class. Every recap blog posting should be about 1250-1500 words, should creatively and effectively integrate visual and multimedia content, and do the following:

  • Provide a concise summary of the week’s reading
  • Summarize the highlights of class discussions
  • Offer your perspective on what the week contributed to your understanding of at least one of the issues we are covering in the course
  • Link to useful resources and other relevant posts on the class blog
  • Identify unresolved questions or questions that invite further exploration
  • Extend a focused invitation for commentary from your peers and the public

Project Stages

Remember all assignment stages must be completed in order to avoid receiving an unsatisfactory grade for an incomplete assignment.

You will complete each Recap Blog posting in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Rough draft (posted as a “Draft” by 12:00 pm on Sunday of the week your blog is due, I will return comments on your draft by Monday at 5:00 pm)
  • Stage 2: Final draft (posted to the class blog, and tagged with the “Recap Blogging Project” category, and any relevant tags, by 12:00 pm on Wednesday in the week following the week your blog is about)

So, for example, if you sign up to blog about class the first week of class (M 8/20, W 8/22, F 8/24), your first draft would be due by noon Sunday, 8/26. I would return comments on your draft by 5:00 pm on Monday, and you would post your final draft by Wednesday, 8/29.


Points for each post will be awarded based on a holistic evaluation of whether your post integrates all of the necessary components identified above, complies with or effectively manipulates the standard conventions of academic writing, and takes advantage of the digital medium by integrating relevant multimedia content drawn from the class blog and/or other online sources. I will use the following criteria in assessing each of your blog postings:

  • Response to the rhetorical situation: Does the post include each of the components identified above, take into consideration the needs of a public audience, and invite further participation or contributions from that audience?
  • Effective use of medium/media: Does the post make effective and strategic use of the unique affordances of blogging as a medium of narrative expression?
  • Careful presentation and design: Does the post either comply with, or strategically manipulate the standard conventions (diction, syntax, grammar, spelling, tone, etc.) of professional communication? Does the post exhibit careful attention to detail and craftsmanship?
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