Modern MS Codex Group Reflection Prompt


As outlined in the project description, up to 100 points of the 250 potential points allocated to this project will be awarded based on each group’s major deliverable (Designers=Concept Presentation, Editors=Final Copy, Scribes=Finished Pages, Fabricators=Binding) and the group reflection. Use this prompt as a guide to compose your group reflection (1250-1500 words) in a separate blog post. Have one member of your group post your group’s reflection to the class blog by midnight on November 11, making sure to categorize the post under “Modern MS Codex” and “Group Reflection.” Use images of your work and other multimedia resources as appropriate to develop your reflection and substantiate claims about the work done on your group’s deliverable.

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Categorize your group’s reflection with “Group Reflection” and “Modern MS Codex.”

Design or Author’s Statement

Each group’s reflection should include a design or author’s statement. Think of this as your group’s justification for its decision-making process as you were completing your major deliverable. What were the aesthetic, historical, logistical, etc., considerations that prompted your team’s choices about design, material, content, etc.

So, for example, the editors would draw upon their introduction to explain why they chose the content, and categorized and ordered it as they did. The design team would draw upon their presentation to put together a statement about what motivated each of the concepts they presented, and why they chose to go with those particular conceptual approaches in the first place. The transcription team and fabrication team will discuss how their final decisions about things such as page layout and cover design were motivated by their own consideration of historical, aesthetic, and literary factors as well as the need to carry out the designers’ and editors’ concepts and plans.

Discussion of Process

Each group’s reflection should also include a brief discussion of your group’s process. Consider what strategies you employed to get the work done. What worked well? What could have worked better? What were the biggest challenges to accomplishing your assigned task? What resources did you draw upon, either on campus or in the community, in order to complete your work? What strategies did you use or develop that might be useful as you work on collaborative projects in future classes or in your work outside the classroom?

Reflection on Learning Outcomes

Finally, each group should review the section, “What Can I Expect to Learn?,” on the Syllabus and consider how this project contributed to the desired learning outcomes for the class. What did this project contribute to your collective understanding of Chaucer’s work, life, and historical context? What did it add to your understanding of medieval modes of cultural production and their relationship to contemporary practice? What did the project add to your understanding of how media and technology affect the production and dissemination of cultural artifacts and communication?

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