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The Miller, The Canon’s Yeoman, and Chaucer’s Last Bloody Year

This week, we explored Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale, The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale, and “Chaucer’s Last Bloody Year”, in the Jones text. We discussed the topics of: the historical context of The Knight’s Tale[1], the interjection of The Miller’s Tale after The

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Gender as a metaphor: femininity, socioeconomic status, and religious criticism in The Canterbury Tales

Over the course of this week,  we were tasked with reading the Clerk’s tale and the Man of Law’s tale. Both of these texts border Fragment Three of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, belonging in the fourth and second  fragments, respectively. Both

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Medieval England: A Plague, A Power Struggle, and The Peasant’s Rebellion Jones tells of a time in medieval history when the growth of the English language in combination with the public availability to the Bible caused the church to fall

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Chaucer’s Tales and the Court of King Richard II

England during the Time of Chaucer During the lifetime of Chaucer, England was undergoing a series of drastic changes leading up to and the beginning of the pre-modern or renaissance period in history. With the ascension of the boy-king Richard

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A Brief Introduction to the Middle Ages and Geoffrey Chaucer

The Middle Ages were a time of political turmoil, unstable economies, and significant social changes. Even though they were a turbulent period, it was during the Middle Ages that important artistic and literary figures, including the eminent Geoffrey Chaucer, emerged.

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Recap Blogging

Communicating Through Narrative In keeping with the objectives of the class to develop your analytical and communication skills, this project invites you to participate in creating the archival record of our class. In addition to being a resource for those

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