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Fabrication Team Manuscript Reflection

Design Statement The fabrication team was in charge of the design/fabrication of the manuscript’s paper, cover, and binding. We wanted to represent medieval style while also maintaining a simplistic and modern design. This lead to us deciding that we wanted

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Collaborative Codex: Design Team Group Reflection

Introduction The modern MS codex project set itself apart from other class projects in the sense that it truly required the collaboration of the whole class. The four teams have been like cogs in a well-oiled machine and it has

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Modern MS Codex Group Reflection Prompt

Overview As outlined in the project description, up to 100 points of the 250 potential points allocated to this project will be awarded based on each group’s major deliverable (Designers=Concept Presentation, Editors=Final Copy, Scribes=Finished Pages, Fabricators=Binding) and the group reflection.

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