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Week 11 Recap Blog: Final

Overview: Week in Review: Summary of class activities in the previous week Ovid vs. Chaucer: Recap of group presentations about Ovid’s version of the tales in The Legend of Good Women, and Chaucer’s version Satire vs. Reinterpretation: Discussion of Chaucer’s

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Recap Blog Draft

Week in Review: On Monday the class divided into their groups formed on the previous Friday in order to continue working on their class presentations. The presentations were designed to compare/contrast a character’s portrayal in Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women

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Chaucer’s Complaint of Mars: Love and Fate in the Middle Ages

For many people living in fourteenth century love was complicated. Not only did one have to win the heart of their lover, but also hope that none above them had other designs in mind. The average man during this time

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The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale and Alchemy

Picture of a Surplice, a traditional priest’s garment that the Canon’s Yeoman wore.   The Planetary metals and their respective alchemical symbols, including the “Seven Bodies” mentioned by the Yeoman (The sun (gold), the moon (silver), Mars (iron), Mercury

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