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A Literary Analysis on “Womanly Noblesse”

“Womanly Noblesse,” one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s earlier short poems, reflects some of the author’s own feminist views as he incorporates a gender role reversal through his characters. During medieval times, men represented authority figures while women played the role of

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Alchemy in the Middle Ages

Of the images that we had the opportunity to look at, this one reminded us of the passage in “The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale,” in which the tools used in alchemy are described: “Violes, croslets, and sublymatories, /Cucurbites, and alembykes eek,

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A Brief Introduction to the Middle Ages and Geoffrey Chaucer

The Middle Ages were a time of political turmoil, unstable economies, and significant social changes. Even though they were a turbulent period, it was during the Middle Ages that important artistic and literary figures, including the eminent Geoffrey Chaucer, emerged.

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