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Transcription Team’s Manuscript Reflections

Introduction The class project to create a book representative of both medieval manuscripts and modern literature required a combination of innovative design, content, transcription and fabrication. The project as a whole was designed with the intention of illustrating the art,

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Chaucer’s Complaint to His Empty Purse – But Complaining to Whom?

By Alex Bayer During the burgeoning age of literature in the time of Geoffrey Chaucer, poems and other works were used not only as entertainment, but also, in some cases, as general written communication. While this was not necessarily common,

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Chaucer’s Heroines

The portrayal of women by Geoffrey Chaucer is a topic that to this day inspires thought provoking debate. Two interesting characters are Grisildis, from The Clerk’s Tale, and Custance, from the Man of Laws Tale. Both women, while either major

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