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Reading Response for *The Legend of Good Women,* “Prologue”

Introduction As we discussed in class on Monday, we are having a “virtual” discussion of our first reading, the “Prologue,” from Chaucer’s The Legend of Good Women. The goal is to draw out themes, questions, differing interpretations, and problems to fuel

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Week 8 Recap Blog: Final

A Brief Introduction:      In week 8 our class began the design process, laying the groundwork for our eventual finished manuscript.  We were able to define such clear headings and themes throughout this week’s work due to our class’s

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Week 7 Recap Blog: Handwriting, Books, and Relevant Mediums of Expression

Usefulness of Handwriting: Self Expression vs. Standardization Unfortunately, I was not able to attend class on Monday (10/1/2012). However, thanks to the generosity of Will Whiteside, I was able to read his summery of the class and expand on the

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Modern MS Codex

Doing Things With History Although Who Murdered Chaucer? certainly tests the boundaries of academic scholarship, it is still recognizably what academics and their publishers call a “monograph.” Similarly, the work you have done thus far on the literary and historical analysis

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“Chaucers Wordes unto Adam, His Owne Scriveyn:” Review of Interpretations Concerning the Poem

In “Wordes unto Adam, his own Scriveyn,” Chaucer critiques his scribe’s copying abilities. Several different interpretations of the poem exist; these include a superficial interpretation concerning only what is apparent from the text, an allegorical interpretation of Original Sin and

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