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A Brief Introduction to the Middle Ages and Geoffrey Chaucer

The Middle Ages were a time of political turmoil, unstable economies, and significant social changes. Even though they were a turbulent period, it was during the Middle Ages that important artistic and literary figures, including the eminent Geoffrey Chaucer, emerged.

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The “Help Desk” Forum

To answer questions that come up outside of class and office hours, I have created a “FAQs” category on our class blog. Before e-mailing me with any general questions about an assignment, i.e., any questions that are not specifically related

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Recap Blogging

Communicating Through Narrative In keeping with the objectives of the class to develop your analytical and communication skills, this project invites you to participate in creating the archival record of our class. In addition to being a resource for those

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Historical and Literary Analysis

Writing About Literature The objective of this assignment is improving your communication and analytical thinking skills by crafting an essay (1500-1750 words) that: 1) offers a scholarly interpretation of one of Chaucer’s shorter poems, and 2) engages the interpretations of

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